Bellydance Faqs

What type of and who provides the music that will be played?

 If you have a specific preference for a song or genre then let Majida know, otherwise music can range from classical Arabic to modern arabic pop music. Majida's music collection also includes Persian, Indian hits and reggetone (which can be included upon request). The dancer will bring an ipod or  music CD(incase ipod hook-up unavailable) and the venue should provide an audible sound system. The dancer would like to be out of sight up until the music begins then she will make an entrance. If client provides a live Middle Eastern band that will be even better as Majida loves to improvise.


How far in advance should I make the booking?

 Sooner than later is preferred but last minute shows can booked if there is an opening. Saturdays are most popular, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a performer for your wedding then you might want to plan ahead.


Is tipping appropriate?

Yes, Majida will gladly accept tips. Tips maybe added to the payment or put in a designated tip jar(which can be arranged) but tips may NOT be may be tucked on to  Majida’s costume. Many dancers allow tip tucking, so check with the dancer you hire. 


What kind of payment is accepted and when?

 The payment is due preferbly in advance or on the day of the show but not any later(additional charges will be Incurred to client). Payment can be made with cheque in advance, paypal or cash. If paying on day of then only cash accepted.


What is the typical duration for a Bellydance show?

A show’s duration depends on your event and is based on what you are looking for. Typically people choose a 30 min show.

Will it be a family-friendly show?

 Yes, Majida’s shows are CLASSY and geared towards all age groups. The show most likely will include audience participation, for example, if audience members are eager to dance or the guest of honor may be asked to dance if you prefer but Majida will not force/pressure anyone to dance.

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