2019 Majida performing to Flowers of The Nile Band in LA.


Bellydancing at a fabulous wedding at Casitas Estate in Arroyo Grande.

Dance Artist statement


      bellydance is deeply rooted as a social dance that creates joyousness on special occasions especially for the audience members. majida's dance reflects the joy she feels in life and is an attempt to savor every moment; Achieved by being present centered and through CONNECTION WITH THE music.  Majida chooses to keep her dance open-ended with mostly improvisation and occasional choreography. She uses music, props, costumes, and expressive movement to embody the emotions of the  music. 

     Currently she is based in California's beautiful Central Coast city of San Luis Obispo where she shares her passion for dance via performance and giving instruction.

     Majida’s vision and inspiration for dance derives largely from her experiences growing up in a Middle Eastern country.


Dance Experience

     Majida started taking classes in 2006 and continues her dance training by attending workshops, private coaching and performing. She has learned from multiple talented teachers, starting with local teachers Sandra Sarrouf and Jenna Mitchell. Taken numerous workshops with out of town teachers, such as,Aziza of cairo, Alla Kushnir, Sadie, Princess Farhana, Amel Tafsout, Helena Vlahos, Ranya Renee, Ansuya, Sadia(Japan), Lee Ali, Chris Basimah, Khalilah Samah, Monica Berini, Mahin, Cory Zamora, mARIA SOKOLAKOVA, Tatiana werya, ava fleming AND ZHANNA HENNA. Majida also emersed herself in learning arabic rythms by learning to play the arabic percussion instrument called doumbek(arabic drum) with classes from Keeth Hershman. 


Performances: Majida has Performed as part of a local dance company called SAJA. Performed at various venues in San Luis Obispo, Sfo, la including multiple performances with Calpoly’s State University's Arab Music Ensemble's biyearly shows. Fundraisers for women’s shelter, local dance groups and Botanical gardens. Performed at San Luis Obispo vets hall(Cabaret Fest event), Monday Club, Calpoly's Culture fest events, Chumash Auditorium, Paso Robles Elegant evening, farmers market events, nursing homes, wineries, restaurants, private weddings and parties, etc.


Teaching:  Majida formed the Calpoly Bellydance Club IN 2010. A club that was designed to give back to the community by offering free classes to interested students. Classes were designed to educate students about bellydance practice and culture. She taught at the Calpoly studio for three years with the Calpoly bellydance Club exposing hundreds of students to the art of bellydance. She also led her student troupe to perform at the Calpoly openhouse event. The club is still ongoing and Majida continues to educate student about the art of Middle Eastern Dance. MAJIDA HAS TAUGHT WORKSHOPS TO CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. Currently private/ semi private small group lessons are offered upon request. Majida has a solid background in anatomy and physiology taking care to teach a safe technique to students.