Majida was fantastic!

By Jennifer M. on August 23, 2016

Majida was an amazing (surprise) addition to our 20th wedding anniversary celebration. None of our guests knew she was coming, and WOW did I make the right decision! Majida was on time, professional, and beautifully in costume. She was able to engage with the guests and bring the party to a fun, energetic level. 
When Majida arrived we had to delay due to a guest that was in the middle of a medical emergency. We waited until we knew our guest was ok, and was taken away in an ambulance due to a diabetic seizure. Majida was able to help relieve this tense situation and bring everyone back into a festive celebration mode.
We are so grateful to her, and are impressed with her amazing talent!
Thank you Majida, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future!
Kevin & Jennifer

Majida performing at International Student's day at Cal Poly University. Music added on by video editor(Majida danced to Middle Eastern music)